ACM at UCSD is one large community, but it is made up of several smaller communities focused on specific areas of technology.

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Our goals are to help build a community of AI enthusiasts at UCSD and connect that community to the broader AI network.

We strive to keep AI fun and accessible to all. We want to help you navigate your path around the complex world of AI through workshops, fun hands on competitions, mentor guided projects, networking events and more!

Join our discord and signup for an account on our website to get access to all the perks and be up to date on AI and the community!

ACM Cyber

ACM Cyber aims to provide member-first opportunities to learn, teach, and practice critical cybersecurity skills to help the UCSD community thrive.

With over 300 members currently registered, we are one of the fastest growing organizations on campus. We host hands-on workshops, industry panels, competitive CTF training, and mentorship opportunities for our members. Our largest event of the year is San Diego CTF (Capture the Flag), a 48 hour jeopardy style hacking game.

ACM Hack

We focus on learning more about software engineering and exploring what is possible through code.

We frequently host workshops to empower students to create amazing projects, as well as events to help students learn about software engineering and finding their path.

Our events are for people of all skill levels, so whether you're a first-time coder or a skilled programmer, we'd be happy to have you join the ACM Hack community!

ACM Innovate

We create and foster an entrepreneurial spirit with regard to both new nonprofit and for-profit companies.

Our mission is to increase interest and accessibility in startups and bring the innovation spirit and mentality to members’ careers.

We frequently host activities: guest speaker talks, workshops, and side projects. We have a lot of exciting stuff planned for the future!

All skill levels welcome!